1 -5 pm / This 4 hour course introduces the fundamentals of data visualization, the art and science of visual communication using quantitative and qualitative information. Data visualization has increasingly played a critical role in the work of designers, data analysts, and data scientists employed by businesses, non-profits, NGOs, and educational institutions trying to make sense of big and complex data sets.   

This course offers:

+ approaches to raw data analysis

+ how to identify data patterns to gain actionable insights

+ strategies for clearly communicating patterns using the visual language of graphics 

+ deciding between methodologies

+  hands-on experience building your own visualizations with d3.js


1-5 pm / This 4 hour course surveys web map design principles, with an emphasis on styling geospatial data as part of a data visualization interface. We will review the main considerations involved when communicating data geographically, how to style online maps accurately and legibly, and which programs to choose when creating the most compelling geospatial data visualizations. 

This course covers:

+ styling your own maps in Javascript using d3.js and Leaflet

+ general cartographic considerations in data visualization

+ the differences between basemaps vs data layers, rasters vs vectors

+ map projections, map scale, and generalization

+ data classification and symbology

Pre-requisites  /

Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript

Instructor / Alan McConchie is the founder of Localgroup Studio and Lead Cartographer at Stamen Design in San Francisco. With Stamen, he has worked using online map making, visualization, and data science for clients such as Audubon Society, National Geographic, Facebook, and Pinterest. He has also taught data visualization and online mapping courses to Facebook, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, and the World Health Organization.

Tuition / $375 for one a standalone course or $700 for 2 courses combined.

Half price for full-time students. Some scholarships available. 


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