City Design Bellingham: A Visioning Workshop For Our Urban Villages

Reposting from Bellingham Urbanists as part of Bellingham Design Week

Bellingham's population is projected to double in less than 30 years and it's critical that our city grows in a way that's good for both people and planet. With that in mind, what will Bellingham look like in 2030, 2040 or 2050? Will backyard fences and car-centric development continue to drive the urban sprawl that eats away at our agricultural lands and wilderness areas? Or will we prioritize climate-positive, walkable urban villages where diversity and inclusion create thriving communities? As residents of Bellingham, it's up to us to work with our elected officials in creating the best possible future for our city, but first we must envision that future. So join us on Tuesday, May 14th for a fun and collaborative evening exploring the possibilities of what an urbanist future for Bellingham might look like.

The workshop will begin with a short introduction followed by an overview of potential projects that range from protected bike lanes to high speed rail and from alley revitalization to iconic skyline projects. Attendees will then select a project to work on and form into workgroups of 3-6 people. Once the groups are set, then it's time for each to dive into their respective projects for approximately 90 minutes. We'll wrap up the evening with workgroups sharing their results and with each presentation, the vision for what Bellingham's future might look like will come into focus a little more.

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